Freaks!: How to Draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures

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Cover to "Freaks"

Freaks!: How to Draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures is an art how-to book "Devoted to the serious depictions of anthropomorphic characters, Freaks! covers the entire range of animal people and explores all its possibilities."[1]



The book was edited by Steve Miller. Art in the book was created by Arthur Adams, Bryan Baugh, Brett Booth (aka DemonPuppy), Jessica Ruffner Booth, Mitch Byrd, Steve Hamaker, Steve Miller and Todd Nauck. The colorists for the art in the book were Jessica Ruffner Booth, Steve Hamaker and Steve Miller.

Did you know? The Brett Booth art on page 44 was also used as the cover art of FurNation Magazine #4.


"Special thanks go to Jeff Luttrell for permission to use his wonderful characters Razor and Gizmo, Shawn Kirkham for Elephantaur,"


Named characters Page number(s) Drawn by
Bunny Babe 28 Todd Nauck
Ms. Husky 29
Wolfy 30
Foxy Lady 56 Brett Booth
Supermole 62
Sydney the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Roo 63
Ratilla the Hun 64
Dr. Tusk 88-89
Elephantaur 90-91
Xiongmao 92-93
Hyena the Hunter 94-95 Brett Booth
Razor (eagle) 110 Steve Miller
Gizmo the Fighting Ferret 111 Steve Miller
Monkeyman (of Monkeyman and O'Brien) 112 Arthur Adams
Anex, Warrior Chimp 116-117 Mitch Byrd
Pongo (orangutan) 118-119 Mitch Byrd
Triton (merman) 120-121 Steve Miller
Goldie 122-123 Arthur Adams
Fishface 126 Steve Miller
Moby (whale) 127 Todd Nauck
Mako Bruce: The Shark Man 128-129 Todd Nauck

Semi-named characters:

  • "Miss Clumsy Cat" on page 24
  • "Cutey Kitty" on page 47
  • "Punk Mutt" on page 55
  • "Squirrel Girl" on page 58
  • "Hamster Grrl" on page 65
  • "Cobraman" on page 76
  • "Pteroleo" on page 80
  • "Hogman" on page 82-83
  • "Ninja Hippo" on page 84
  • "Zebraman" on page 85
  • "Modzilla Minotaur" on page 86-87
  • "Shogun Beetle" on page 98
  • "Fly Guy" on page 102-103

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  1. publisher Watson-Guptill's webpage for Freaks! book
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