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Foxy Loxy sliding into home plate

Foxy Loxy is a fictional character in the Disney movie Chicken Little, based off a character of the same name in the original story. She is an anthropomorphic fox who is arguably the best athlete in her home town of Oakey Oaks. Considered a baseball star and the "home town hero", she is often written about in the newspaper. The tomboy and her best friend Goosey Loosey are dubbed as two of the "popular kids" at middle school. She teases Chicken Little throughout the movie for being a "loser".

Although Foxy Loxy is considered one of the movie's villains based on the story character's role, she usually calls upon Goosey to do most of her bullying. Though she often seems cruel, glimpses of her kindness shine through from time to time. Foxy Loxy is voiced by Amy Sedaris in the film.

  • Disney Stores gave pop-out trading card sheets during the week of the movie's debut. There were six cards, each with a main character from the movie and a description. Foxy's description reads: "Foxy is a sports star and the town darling. She's also Chicken Little's main nemesis and delights in constantly reminding him of that fateful day when he mistakenly thought the sky was falling. Foxy is also quite duplicitous. She loves the image of being just the sweetest person around, while assigning her bullying tasks to her not so bright sidekick, Goosey Loosey. For as outrageous and unsympathetic as Foxy can be, we see cracks from time to time in her veneer. She's got her own insecurities and in the end, she just wants to be loved like everyone else."