Foxy Flavored Cookie

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Foxy Flavored Cookie
Author(s) Thomas Evans
Update schedule Updates Mondays and Fridays
Launch date June 6, 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Romance
Censor PG button.png

Foxy Flavored Cookie is a webcomic created by Thomas Evans (alternatively known as The Baker). The series centers around Pucho, a boy who was turned into an anthromorphic culpeo fox and lost his memory.

All strips are drawn using PaintTool SAI. Because of this, all strips that are drawn are of high quality, clear, and easy to read. The comic is hosted by Comic Fury.


Pucho And Luna Talking

Foxy Flavored Cookie centers around a boy who is bitten by a pure lycan, causing him to become two-thirds lycan, and lose his memory. He is then found by a land scout, by the name Hos (pervy) and an insect biologist named Pituka. However, Pervy forgets to ask his name, so they name him after a box of cigarettes found in his pocket- Pucho. They take Pucho to an underground city named Paws Den, where he has to adapt to his new life.


Main characters[edit]

  • Pucho: a rather clumsy, but good-natured and outgoing character. He once had a life as a gypsy traveling in a caravan. He is rather talented at playing the violin, and exceptionally good at cooking. These are two skills that transfered over after he lost his memory. Every once in a while, when the need arises, he can spontainously, and impulsively, summon supernatural strength and powers. This is demonstrated in many areas, but it is implied that he has no control over this abillity. Pucho Shows romantic interest in Pituka.
  • Pituka: Pituka is not far from a female Pucho counterpart. She is rather smart, as she is an insect biologist, however she is just as good-natured and outgoing as Pucho. Her home is filled with many kinds of insects, with her favorite being Huggie, a lycan sized spider. She shows romantic interest in Pucho.
  • Pervy: Pervy is a lycan that fits his name. He is very risque, but can be very comical at times. His biggest romantic interest is Nelly. Pervy often tries to perve (not intended) on Nelly, but this usually doesn't end well for him. Most of the time, he ends up getting hit with a wrench, thrown out windows, and everything in between.
  • Nelly: Nelly is a cheetah lycan who can be very harsh. She controls Paws Den's heating and cooling, and often overworks her employees. She cares very much for Pervy, mostly as a brother. Nelly is a very talented engineer. This is demonstrated when she builds a heater to heat up an entire lake.
  • Luna: Luna is a succubus. This means that she leeches off of peoples life energy. Pucho has too much life energy, which is why he sometimes has outbursts of energy. Luna can sense people's pleasure's, and she sometime takes advantage of this. She tries (and is rather successful) to get Pucho to show interest in Pituka. Luna can also transform herself, so while she is usually seen in her original form, when around her new friends she will take on the form of a pink cat.
  • Astrid: Astrid is a dream solider, meaning she has an oath at birth to serve the queen of paws den. After she was saved by Pituka, she changed her allegiance to Pituka. Astrid is extremely loyal to whoever she serves, and will follow any order given to her. Astrid very closely resembles an anubis.

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Tammy: Tammy is a crazy witch therapist who constantly tries to seduce Dr. Ulrick. She provides therapy to Pituka and Nelly.
  • Dr.Ulrick: Ulrick is a doctor that works in Paws Den at a clinic. Because of his shy and cute personality, many of the females find him very attractive.


  • "Fillers" are used whenever a comic isn't avaible
  • Updates are sometimes streamed

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