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FoxWolf is an anthro folf (fox/wolf mix, not a wolfox or wox) who has lived in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia for the majority of his life. He has been mostly a lurker to the Australian furry community, only going out of his way to be openly involved in the mid- to late months of 2009.

History and past fursonas[edit]

Although Fox had been a furry for as long as he can remember, he only decided to join the Australian fandom openly in mid 2009. Due to the worrysome reports, and comments made by others he was reluctant to admit openly to his furry side.

Fox has had many fursonas whilst lurking, and still has several. Among them are: an anthro German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute crossbreed named Bleed, an anthro red husky named Havoc, a feral winged husky mix named Fang, an anthro female 'big cat' named Nine, and a feral wolf named Speed.

In early 2008 Fox decided to create his main handle/fursona Fox, the Folf; however when joining the main part of the Australian furry fandom he found he was unable to retain the single name "Fox" for himself, so in an unimaginative leap he added "Wolf" to the end and it stuck.

In mid-2009 Fox decided to host a small furmeet to try and get himself more involved in the fandom, consisting of a bonfire, barbecue and campout with a few others; at last count 27 others were attending from as far away as Melbourne and Brisbane.


Fox has a keen interest in music, cars, automotive painting, nature and space. He works with cars in the repair industry, so his fascination with them often stems from a creative outlet in his work. He plays the Bass and Rhythm guitars, also dabbling in piano, keyboard and drums.

Other than his obvious fascination with canines, Fox also adores dragons and big cats.

In the little spare time Fox gets, he likes to chat on IRC or work on his on car at home. He spends a lot of time working his job, and is a self-admitted workaholic.

Fox's popularity[citation needed] in the Australian fandom seems to stem from his accepting and approachable attitude. He rarely seems to be involved in the often, and mostly inane arguments and drama[citation needed] that stem from within and is almost always available whenever someone wants random hugs. He despises yiff, and is also a pansexual (not to be mistaken with bisexual) which has given him a big-brother look to a lot of others. He's the fur that they go to for affection and only that[citation needed].

Relationships and freindships[edit]

A lot of Fox's friendships stem from those he knows on the IRC channels #safehaven and #ozfurs. He will admit he dislikes no-one - even after saying in IRC: "You're really fucking annoying... just for the record." - however he spends more time talking, being affectionate and the like with a few furs of note, in no particular order: Sashadee, Obsidian Lore, Stripes Tiger, Ticky, Millzy, Hendikins, Rapture Omega, Sarketch, Gargami and Add-shepherd.[citation needed]

Fox has never and will likely never pursue a physical relationship with anyone he currently knows in the fandom, He maintains that its easier to keep friends than lovers, regardless of how close those two terms trespass. Fox has told those he talks with often, that he has been single for going on 18 months, and prefers it this way, due to those he's previously dated not understanding his quirks.[citation needed]

Fox in real life[edit]

Foxwolf and his Great Dane

In real life Foxwolf is a 21 year old apprentice, undergoing three trades all revolving around panel-beating. He's 6'0", of average fit build, and lives at home with his mother due to an underlying injury she suffered at work. His furry life and real life are intermingled, and its easy for those who know to tell he is a fur at heart. Foxwolf attended Furjam 2009 and got into a fight with one of Timon_b's friends, and had to be carried off.

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