Foxtrot's Guide to Kitsune Lore

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Foxtrot's Guide to Kitsune Lore is one of the first and largest guides to kitsune history, written by Tashiro. The guide was put online in the mid-1990s and has been translated into French.

It is still considered to be a work in progress.

Version 1[edit]

Foxtrot's player was given a copy of the book 'Kitsune' by his then-mate Myrla on FurryMUCK. At the time, there was perhaps only one web page on the internet involving kitsune, and information in general on the Japanese race was scarce. Using what information he could get at the time, Foxtrot began to collect what he could into a 'for role-play' document called Foxtrot's Guide to Kitsune Lore. Unfortunately, the information that he had collected was sparse, and historically inaccurate in a number of places, but it was posted for public use.

Version 2[edit]

Moving to FurryFaire, Foxtrot was requested to make a more 'play friendly' version of his guide. This version included the 13 Elements and examples of personality associated with the elements. This guide was more focused on the role-playing environment of the kitsune, but held more information than Version 1. Foxtrot was not impressed with this version of his guide, and quickly began working on Version 3.

Version 3[edit]

The current version of Foxtrot's Guide, viewable online, is the longest fan-made document on kitsune to be found online. The information is somewhat dated, having not been improved upon for over ten years, but is the second-most referenced document on kitsune to be found online. Foxtrot has admitted that the information there is not as accurate as he might like, and there have been rumours of a Version 4 in the works.

Version 4[edit]

Version 4 of Foxtrot's Guide has not been started, as Foxtrot wishes it to be a collaborative effort with the help of other scholars of kitsune lore. He has admitted to wanting to write about the place of kitsune as trickster figures, and discussing their place as teachers as well as their place in legend and myth. There is no specific date for when this project will be finished.

Fox Magic[edit]

Fox Magic is a roleplaying game, designed by the creator of Foxtrot's Guide. The amount of research and effort going into the companion book for it ( a work in progress) will borrow heavily from the information he has desired for Version 4, and will essentially be his final version of the Guide. It is slated to be completed before the end of 2011, and will be released in PDF form. Because it is part of a game book, unlike other versions of the guide, it will not be free.

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