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Foxtail Comics
Author(s) J.M. Havens and Kevin Hogan
Update schedule Tuesdays and Thursdays
Launch date 2006
End Date Defunct
Genre Erotic Comedy
Censor NC17.png

Foxtail Comics is an erotic adult comedy webcomic that was located at Fox Saliant Studios website. Drawn by J.M. Havens, also known as Grayscale Rain (as well as a number of other online aliases), it is just one of many projects in the works for the main site, but was since decided to be the one project to focus work on and display first, since it would draw in the largest number of viewers.

The current plotline[edit]

The current plotline, "Scene 1", is purely an introduction to the world of Plani Roxas, and more specifically, to the Fox Saliant Studios staff, with a few giggles along the way. The chapter numbering and naming scheme corresponds to the way in which a movie would be shot.

Josephine Lee Harris, a top-heavy hyper vixen, was the first character to be introduced in the storyline, and was the major focus on the opening of the comic. The next characters to be unveiled wouldn't appear until "Act 2", and they currently include Karen and Anthonius, who are both foxes, and a secretary and a security officer, respectively. They are shown to have a pre-existing relationship, though how far this relationship extends has yet to be revealed.

The comic is currently defunct, but expected to resurface on the new Fox Saliant Studios site at some point in the future.

The cast[edit]

Josephine Lee Harris[edit]

The first character to have been revealed as being in the comic is the extremely tall, top-heavy, red-headed vixen, Josephine. Josephine is what you would call a cross between a fox and a human, rather than a full blooded fox, and she has the sole distinction of having her introduction also serve as the introduction to the comic, itself, lending to the notion that she is a/the main character. An actress at an adult film studio, called Fox Saliant Studios, she uses the money made there to pay back the debt she acquired upon purchasing a powerful motorcycle, her primary mode of transportation, at auction.


Karen has a fair bust, though nowhere near the mass of the hypers that generally inhabit the studio - Josephine included. Her frame is much less pronounced than the other employees, and she generally wears her hair back in a tail. Her most pronounced feature is the legion of four tails she commands behind her. While not the only one with such a feature, and definitely not the most impressive, this sets her aside from most of the studio. As a whole, Karen is generally very reserved, and fears above all else that Kira might find out that she does, indeed, get randy from time to time.


Anthonius, or just Ant, on the other hand, doesn't really care much about whether or not anyone observes him getting his hands dirty. As a security officer, it's not in the job description, but he likes to at least look at whatever he can, whenever he can. He's a fairly small person in general build, but to underestimate his ability to take down someone five times his size would be a grave mistake. Of course, he seems to think mostly with the brain in his pants, so anyone capable of arousing his "interest" will likely bring him to his knees, unless another, stronger emotion is driving him.

Kira Michaels[edit]

Kira is a silver kitsune, and is the main driving force behind the studio, acting as both owner and general manager, though she only owns slightly less than half of the company overall. Though her responsibilities are vast, and her demeanor is generally that of a businesswoman, she does delve into more immature endeavors, such as teasing and even sometimes (rarely) becoming sexually active with her staff. As the second character with multiple tails (seven), she is also defined by them, along with her eccentric personality.


Vel is a white velociraptor with green spots along the back of her arms, tail, and back. She owns the largest amount of the studio, though she decided to take part in the fun, rather than sitting behind a desk and doing administrative work like Kira does. Her general demeanor is matriarchal in nature, and she is always there to lend an ear - or something else - to her employees if they have a problem. Of course, she does like to have a little fun every now and then, and can be devious in her activities, including, but not limited to, grabbing staff from the hallways to have her way with them.


This little foxling is a recurring gag cameo along with his little buddy/mate, Yukifox. The Antufox' most prominent feature is grump, which he displays most prominently in most every scene he can be found in. Antufox is originally from a prior work, called No Pressure, and was derived from many late-night roleplays by the author and the current host of the Foxsaliant Forums, Runefox. Borrowing heavily from Runefox' real life interests, the Antufox is a technical genius when it comes to computers and other technologies. Antufoxes are also considered their own race. The design is based upon Anthonius.


Rival and mate to the Antufox, the Yukifox, another recurring cameo, personifies the author's interests in artistic pursuits and love of music. The Yukifox was, like the Antufox, originally from a prior work called No Pressure, and also derived from many late-night RP sessions. The Yukifox' most prominent feature is its inherent curiousity, cheerfulness, and hyperactivity. The design is based on another character of the author's, Yukiko Matsumori, and contains a blend between Yuki and the author's likeness. Yukifoxes are, like Antufoxes, considered their own race.

Strip style[edit]

The comic's art style itself is an experiment in line work by the artist, the original purpose having been practice and improvement of his artistic abilities. The colors for the first strips were done by Kevin Hogan, also known as CaelumDico (among other aliases) who is one of (technically the main) co-authors of the comic and the proprietor of Fox Saliant Studios itself. Since the second "act", Norithics has been providing the color for the comic pages, as well as a few by Runefox and CaelumDico as well as a couple by Grayscale Rain himself.

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