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#foxie is a channel on the FurNet IRC chat network.

The channel #foxie[edit]

The official description of the channel reads:

"#Foxie is a friendly enjoyable place to hang out and chat with people. They welcome every one regardless of species, and are always glad to talk, help out and play with other furs.

Big bundles of fluff known as foxes are common there, and you should be careful lest they sneak into your clothing for fun or steal the Fox Treats © from your cupboard.

Though always glad of snuggles, they can be mischievous, and ever playful, as well as making good lively hats, if you decide to put one on your head, that is."


Honorable Adminstrators[edit]


Is erotica tolerated?[edit]

Gropes, kisses, talk about naughty things are OK but please, don't give too many details. You can yiff if you really like someone, but a minimum of privacy may open your realms in a query. If asked, do it in private.

No personal attacks[edit]

Talking about past grudges or posting logs in channel will only break the nice ambience in #Foxie. If you must talk to someone about this, do it privately please. Not everyone will have the same problems with that person.

No nickname abuse[edit]

You must be you. Hiding behind a nick to eventually harrass or get information about somefox can get you in trouble, and not only with #Foxie's administrators. It is only tolerated if you make clear that "it" is you, or a clone of you for role-playing purposes.

And no hackerz nicknames like F0|x3u||on. Only one nickname will get ops, if you need aliases, ask Ozone.

No excessive idling[edit]

Excessive idling in the channel is not a very foxy thing and hurts the continuinity of the channel. We ask you to avoid doing this.

Fox Treats[edit]

Fox Treats.gif

First created by CherryFox, Fox Treats © are a fictitious snack food preferred by the residents of FurNet and in particular #Foxie. They have gained some popularity in other channels as well. Drawing from the common image of a fox in furry culture, the simple moniker and the fact that there are 13 different varieties (most of which are not named specifically) offers opportunities for creativity to in-channel role players.

The Fox Treat © brand[edit]

Fox Treats © are crunchy snack biscuits "preferred by nine out of ten fennecs", according to the market analysts at Vulpine Mills, a parody of cereal merchant General Mills. Original Flavour treats are the number one selling brand, often stolen from kitchen pantries by mischievous foxes, but is only one of thirteen varieties including: Chocolate Mousse Mouse, Bunny Bisque, Terrapin Surprise, Duck Delight, Squirrels and Berries, and many many more.

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