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Foxglove V3 at Oklacon 2008

Foxglove Fennec (born July 3, 1985)[1] is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Cary, North Carolina, U.S.A.[1] His fursona is a grey-haired albino fennec fox.

Foxglove owns three fursuits, all different versions of his fursona:

Foxglove attends furry conventions around the Eastern United States, including Animazement, Anthrocon, Mephit Furmeet, Furry Weekend Atlanta, and Oklacon.[1] Foxglove enjoys glowsticking at conventions, and in 2008 won the dance competition at Furry Weekend Atlanta. For this, he was invited to be a judge at the following year's competition.[5][6]

Foxglove has also recently started DJing conventions under the name F3NN. He has been DJing for 4 years now and has made appearances at conventions such as Anthrocon, MFM, FWA and Oklacon. He also holds a monthly "rave" in Raleigh NC that has a pretty good following. Videos are on his YouTube page.


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