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Foxelbox is an online gaming community based in Germany, owned and founded by Doridian.

Foxelbox logo.jpg
Official Steam Group Logo
Author(s) Founder: Doridian [1]

Co-Owners: Marryth, Zidonuke [1]

Super Admins: Vivicloud, Ttic_Ttoc, Cipher_Crypt, Wizard_of_Ass, Cyrus__ [1]

Admins: Crashdoom, Alconchloe, Jawamaster, Karnepae, LevenDrich, ShadowTheWolfie, Zedrimar, Kitsune2120 [1]

Status Online
End date Ongoing
Genre Gaming Community
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Hosted Games[edit]

FoxelBox hosts Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 in Germany, United States and United Kingdom.

The community hosts a survival and creative Minecraft server, as well as a Technic server pack known as the FoxelBox Mod Pack.[2]


The Foxelbox Server has a good number of rules to maintain order and protect the playerbase from harm. It is asked that all players abide by the rules to maintain a fair and safe environment for all members of the community. The rules listed below are the primary rules. For a full list of the server rules, click here.[3]

  1. Do not Grief.
  2. Do not Steal.
  3. Do not hack/cheat. (I.E. Flight, X-ray, Speed, etc).
  4. Do not Advertise/Spam.
  5. Do not harass others.
  6. Do not Troll or use Racism/Hate-Speech offensively.
  7. No erotic roleplay in Main Chat.

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