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Raff the Foxcoon

A foxcoon is a large fox-raccoon hybrid native to Eurasia and North America.

These canines are developed from the hybridization of foxes and raccoons. Foxes (Canidae) and raccoons (Procyonidae) belong to different families, so they cannot successfully interbreed in nature and thus this species cannot exist in the real world.

The Foxcoon exists primarily within the furry community as a mix of two popular species (fox and raccoon) to be used by some as a fursona. The foxcoon can be attributed with traits of both species, but the most commonly drawn form is that of a red fox with raccoon markings. The animal is occasionally given smaller ears to give a more mixed appearance.

Foxcoons are sometimes confused by non-furries as real animals. The most common misidentifications include Red Pandas, Tanukis, and Swiper from Dora the Explorer.

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