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Foxbox v.png
Author(s) Owner: riox
Launch date December 2002
End date Ongoing
Genre Multimedia website

Foxbox is a video and animation gallery. It is one of the oldest and largest video hosting archives for the furry fandom.

The domain registration for was lost in early 2010 as a result of an dispute with the offshore company who held the domain in trust. At one time it was used by a domain grabber, but is now back in operation.


The name Cuprum originates from the first server which was named after the chemical element copper due to his position in the network.

The term became synonym with the gallery part of the website.

CD/DVD releases[edit]

  • Foxbox:Cuprum v5.1: Cuprum Foxbox Oktoberfest Edition.7z - static HTML - 4.1 GB]
  • Foxbox:Cuprum v4.1: cuprum_v4.1_HD.7z April's fool release HD - static HTML - 1.9 GB
  • Foxbox:Cuprum v3.1: cuprum_10k_edition.iso 10k edition - static HTML - 2.5 GB
  • Foxbox:Cuprum v2.0: not available - dynamic, W32 only
  • Foxbox:Cuprum v1.0: not available - dynamic, W32 only

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