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Fox Danger Piacenti is a furry artist, writer, and entrepreneur who lives in Houston, Texas, USA, with his wife Amber.


Fox was born in Mesquite Texas and moved to Houston at the age of seven, around the time of his first involvement in the community on MobiusMUCK. Fox's fandom activity has historically been through various MUCK systems such as FurryMUCK, SpinDizzy, and others.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Fox has been involved in running and participating in RolePlay events on various MUCK systems. He is active in the convention sphere, running panels, volunteering, and serving as staff. Fox also runs Artconomy, a commissioning platform with escrow functionality.

MUCK Participation and Wizardry[edit]

Fox has been active on several MUCK servers, including SpinDizzy, FurryMUCK, and Winter's Oasis. He was the founder of Winter's Oasis, and served as a coding advisement wizard on Pokémon Fusion to assist in its launch. Fox has done smaller stints as a wizard on other MUCKs, and is the developer of several utilities, namely:

  • Verbatim, a quote program to quickly dump information to the current room or paste it to someone across the server.
  • Corkboard, a replacement for the standard con-messageboard program with data migration capability for easy translation, and an API for extension.
  • gen-shootingrange, a 'shooting gallery' game where quick reading and input is required to simulate target shooting.

Convention Work[edit]

Fox has volunteered at FA United, and worked on staff at Texas Furry Fiesta as the Art Assets lead, coordinating the commissioning of pieces for printing on banners, flyers, and transmission via other media. In September 2019, Fox was elected to the board of StratosFur as the director of Public Outreach, with the intent to bring a furry convention to Houston, Texas.[edit]

In the summer of 2017, Fox was on vacation when he conceived of an idea of a platform where artists and commissioners could transact safely and with as little friction as possible. Unsatisfied with his software consulting work, he closed out his contracts and began working on the project full time at the beginning of 2018. In September 2018, Artconomy launched, and has continued to run since.

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