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Fox Dad
Author(s) Fuzzt0ne
Update schedule Ongoing
Launch date July 1, 2016
End Date -
Genre Comedy, Family
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Fox Dad is a webcomic by Fuzzt0ne about a human family of four where fursuiting is a part of their daily lives. As of April 2017, new strips appear every two weeks. The strip frequently makes use of furspeech puns, often spoken by the titular character.


  • Dad wears a red fox fursuit virtually full time, though he has been shown to wear other costumes. As of January 2018 he has yet to be drawn outside of costume.
  • Mom sometimes wears a cat fursuit and is an artist. She met her husband in college when he asked her to draw him.
  • Jimmy, their son, enjoys his parents' antics and has shown interest in suiting on occasion.
  • Claire, their daughter, doesn't seem to share the rest of her family's interest and is often nonplussed by their antics.

Some of their friends, neighbors, and co-workers have also been shown to be fursuiters.


  • In the Closet is the first issue where Dad isn't present visually (although he does have a line of dialogue)
  • Sketch Note is the first issue where Dad isn't preset at all.

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