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FoxWolfie. Art by ?.
FoxWolfie. Art by ?.

FoxWolfie Galen is a fursuiter, plushophile and Christian fur from Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.[1]

Fandom involvemnet[edit]

FoxWolfie hosts a comprehensive plush toy information/resource website, FoxWolfie Galen's Plushie Page. He was also active on the Usenet newsgroup's during its most popular period, and owns several fursuits.

FoxWolfie Galen has been interviewed in mainstream media on several occasions, including by Salon in Cuddle Time in 2000.[citation needed] Probably his most controversial appearance was a March 2001 article, Pleasures of the Fur, for Vanity Fair.[citation needed]

FoxWolfie Galen later explained on

FoxWolfie Galen
"I absolutely do not agree with how the Vanity Fair article turned out... there are things in there that I did not say, and many other things that are twisted. They conveniently omitted the several times that I specifically said that my plushophilia has nothing to do with the furry fandom as practiced by most other people.
FoxWolfie Galen

In the June 2006 issue of the Pittsburgh City Paper, on about the article "Animal Passions" (written by Melissa Meinzer), Uncle Kage is quoted as referring to FoxWolfie Galen as:

FoxWolfie Galen
(The furry fandom's) crazy Uncle Frank that the kids aren't allowed to talk to.[2]
FoxWolfie Galen

in part due to this appearance.

Furry artist Kathmandu called FoxWolfie Galen:

FoxWolfie Galen
A kind and generous soul, gentle in his demeanor [who] would give you the shirt off his back in an instant.[3]
FoxWolfie Galen


FoxWolfie's fursona is a gray cub raccoon. His exceptionally fluffy tail has a total of seven rings, beginning and ending with a dark ring. His ears have a pink interior, and he has heterochromia, having a blue right eye and green left eye. He is normally portrayed between 6 and 16 years old. Friends sometimes call him CubCoon.


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