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FoxRonyo (also known as Ronyo Faukx) (born September 21, 1985) is a fox-dragon furry from Perth, Western Australia.


Ronyo joined the Perth Furry community in November of 2007, after emigrating from the UK with his family. Up until this point, he had no knowledge of furries, despite drawing pictures depicting himself as an anthropomorph.

He first began drawing himself as a large, green dragon, however, after deciding that such an image could make him seem scary and unapproachable, he changed to a fox. Some time after this change, he decided to change once again to a fox-dragon hybrid, satisfying his love of both animals.

Since ‘officially’ joining the fandom, Ronyo has become an active lifestyler, and using any excuse to wear a tail and ears in public.


Ronyo’s most recent activity has involved being a host for PFG since its conception in early 2009, after a visit to MidFur had the Perth furry community wondering if Perth could/would benefit from having a furmeet of its own, the likes of RivFur and RadFur. Working alongside JM Horse and Jack_Wolf, Ronyo gravitated towards the main position of Treasurer, a position he has held for the past 3 events.


When not working or practicing his ‘smug-face’, Ronyo enjoys watching TV, playing TF2 on Steam, reading, and making Steampunk-orientated knick-knacks. He also has a very large collection of hats.

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