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Rock will Never Die

Jacob Elmer, also known as Fox-Jake or Mark Raccoon (born November 23, 1996[1]) is an American cartoonist, guitarist, and writer who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


Jake is a fan of Marvel comics books and the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, which influenced his cartoons and stories. He is a railroad and locomotive enthusiast and a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment. His personal favorite firearm is the revolver.

Jacob is part of a production posse that includes aspiring novelist Craig Black and artist and writer Jordann William Edwards. The three of them often contribute to each other's projects, and they manage their own brands as part of MajesticBlue ColorWorld.


Jake's fursona is a white arctic fox. He was originally a brown fox/husky hybrid.


Jake's style employs a simplistic drawing style as his motto is "Cartoons are the art of simplification". Jake is the creator of comic strips Lookin' Bright (formerly known as A Furry Future) and Boredom Inc..

Starting in 2015, Jake has been co-developer and lead illustrator of the Tails from the Federation franchise, starting with Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart. Since 2018, he's a creative contributor for Critterton Concepts, the ColorWorld team that maintains The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise. Jake is currently working on a graphic novel series, Midnight Fox.


Jake sites Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes as his biggest influence as well as Charles Schulz and Dav Pilkey. He is also a fan of comics such as, Pearls Before Swine, Matt Groening's Life in Hell, Drabble, and Gary Larson's The Far Side.

He also was influenced by webcomics such as, Transmission, Woods For The Trees, Sabrina Online, and Ozy and Millie.


Jake has been playing guitar since he was a teenager, being influenced heavily by punk rock, heavy metal and country music. He frequently posts his music on YouTube.

Jake is solely a rhythm guitarist. His guitar style mostly consists of downstrokes and power chords as Jake also quotes that he much rather be a He was mainly influenced by punk rock guitarist Johnny Ramone (from the Ramones), Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, Anthrax's Scott Ian, and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (from The Misfits). He also is a fan of country singer Johnny Cash and Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, both of whom have been a huge inspiration to him.


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