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Fox's Shadow is a webcomic drawn by Meyou. Updates range from being two days apart to two weeks, depending on Meyou's mood at the time.

The comic has been stated as being "a work in progress" and "ever-improving", although the first 20 or so comics are very badly drawn. Every so often, Meyou will find some way to improve his style, from learning about inking to shading and computer-aided graphics, giving the comic an ever changing (And improving) look. Meyou has also stated that he "sucks at HTML" and refers to drawing/coding as "wingin' it", although mostly in instant messenger chats.

The storyline is very confusing, and easy to lose track of, with the artist often going off on tangents, or in the case of the first few comics, illegible handwriting.

Main characters[edit]

  • Fox Shadow - A 23 year old half-kitsune, member of an organization called the "Lawman Initiative", somewhat dense, and partner to Sal. His father has been dead for 50 years, and due to an unknown reason, Fox is not supposed to be born for another 30 years. Fox possessed only slight traces of his Kitsune heritage, mainly shown in his ears. He lacks a tail, or any abilities usually associated with a Kitsune, although he can form energy blades from his hands, and is apparently fireproof. He carries with him a sword, which has been broken on many occasions, and a pistol, which seems capable of switching designs by vocal command.
  • Reaper - An Angel of Death, Reaper is stated as being several million years old (give or take). He carries with him a staff, which hides a lightsaber-style scythe, and is rather grouchy. Reaper has a "Special Destiny" of some sorts, which is constantly irritating his superiors, and due to some divine intervention from the universe's God (also known as Gadigan, or "The Big Dude") was punished for unlocking Fox's powers before he actually did it. Incidentally, his loss of powers (And the ability to send Fox into oblivion or the Afterlife when he was killed) were the direct cause for Reaper unlocking Fox's powers in the first place.
  • Sal - A mallet-gappy human girl, 27 years of age. Sal hates men, and will often mallet them for even the slightest comment out of place. During a mission to retrieve an item called the "Codex" Sal was accidentally transformed into a catgirl, a situation which has yet to be rectified. Her main weapon is a mallet, although she sometimes uses a revolver. Her glasses apparently have a built in microphone and earpiece, and she is Fox's partner in the Lawman Initiative.
  • Akakage - Akakage was originally a 40 foot tall Tiger Demon, ruler of Hell, and commander of The Big Dude's armies. Akakage also once ruled Earth, during the time when Hell, Heaven, and the mortal plane were one dimension. Unfortunately, to get Akakage into the mortal plane, a summoning spell must be performed, which includes sacrificing a red-striped tiger which had just killed a virgin. All Fox and Sal could find was a grey striped cat, and as such, Akakage was summoned as a Catgirl instead of a Tiger Demon. Not much else is known about him/her, other than the fact that Akakage is apparently several billion years old.
  • Kali Shadow - Fox's mother, Kali is a five tailed Kitsune, adept in time travel, and slightly crazy. Kali greets salesmen with automatic weapons fire, keeps several pocket realms around the house (for weapons storage) and drives around a beaten up nuclear powered car (which slightly resembles an Aston Martin), sometimes referred to as an antique.

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