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Foux aka Kimberly Hunt
Foux (pronounced 'Foo' or 'Fuu'), aka Kimberly Hunt, is a varied artist that works from anime to realistic and fantasy she was born in Reno, Nevada on September 4th, 1986. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is blonde and blue-eyed. Foux has been known in the furry fandom since 1995. She grew up under the influences of Care Bears, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Lion King, and many other Disney classics. When she first joined the community, she went by Maharetkitty, a pink tigress. A year after Maharetkitty, Foux changed her name to Foxalu whose avatar was a white arctic vixen with long red hair and green eyes. Shortly after this came the name she goes by now; Foux, which is often mistaken for "Faux," (IPA: [fəʊ]) the French word for false or fake. It is often used in English phrases such as faux pearls and faux fur. Foux instead comes from the French word "fou," which the meaning is believed to mean crazy.

Foux's artwork is a mix of traditional and digital media. She dabbles in a bit of both mediums. Her artwork can been found on DeviantArt, VCL, Fur Affinity, and SheezyArt. Deviantart will have the most recent updates.


Foux has also created a few other characters.
  • Layla, a black Schipperke normally a small breed of dog in real life, has long green braided hair or sometimes it is seen put up or just flowing straight naturally. Layla has piercing blue eyes, almost like ice. Her stare could make anyone feel like she is looking for some flaw in them or like she is imagining doing something cruel. Her tail is not docked. Layla has been known to represent Foux's darker personality in her older drawings. She likes guns, destruction, and mayhem and is often seen wearing bandages around parts of her body as if she were wounded from an earlier battle scene. Layla's story is still unknown but it's not too hard to guess she has had a rough history that makes her character seem like she has been mistreated, she is constantly appearing tense and grumpy, although at rare times she does have moments of joy and friendly, if lucky mood can be quite the party dog.
  • Foux, representing herself as a furry type character, a mix between a tan fennec and an orange tabby cat. She has the ears of a fennec, very long ears, and the face of a cat. She is gifted with a huge and fluffy tail. She is wonderfully painted with tiger/tabby-like stripes that are orange, they trail along her body but do not cover all parts of her body they only show on her back, from her shoulder to the middle of her arms, with two markings on top of her hands, down her tail and back of her ears. She starts out with short red hair but as time changes so does Foux's hair, Foux often changes her character's hair to represent her own hair, so sometimes Foux has blonde hair and blue eyes with a hint of green.
Kimberly Kitty
  • Kimberly Kitty, was created in 2009 as some sort of New Year resolution to help the artist move on from only drawing furry creations and a step toward drawing more realistic type things, more human-like characters. Kimberly Kitty is more so just called kitty and she is in fact a mirror of the artist's real self but with cat features such as cat ears, a tail, furry hands and feet, she is more human-like than her furry friends. Most of her body is like a human's, she is very similar to what a go go dancer would have on if she were wearing a cat costume. Very much inspired by the go-go dancing girls and raver girls who wore furry leg warmers. Kitty has pink fur parts while the rest of her is pale human flesh with Irish freckles sprinkled across her shoulders, arms, legs, and face.
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