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Silver Huskywolf (Lindsey Bristow), born March 18, 1982, was the president of the ConWild mini-con in 2006 at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She owns and operates Furr Happens, a custom mascot and costume design studio.

Silver was one of the guests of honor at Midwest FurFest 2013.[1]


Silver Huskywolf[edit]

Silver Huskywolf the suit is proudly worn by Silver as her main character. Made by Mixed Candy and debued at Anthrocon 2006, its been very popular and seen at many conventions. She is featured in the FC08 winning video "Furry in a box" with a great review. [2] Silver Huskywolf commonly can be seen sporting the latest trends in Pirate gear, Geisha Kimono, and other great fashions! Also Silver Huskywolf is out and about suiting in public sometimes.

Cary Caribou[edit]


Cary Caribou , Recently, Cary featured in Furr Happens newest comedy video "Dear Sister" that debuted at FC2010. "Dear Sister" on Youtube He was originally created as a mascot for the Holiday House in Carmichael, CA. Together with the Holiday House, Cary helped raise over 6000 cans of food for the food bank in the 2006 Christmas season. He featured on a few spots on live television, and got scritches from one of the morning show hosts.


Silverbou', is made by Furr Happens is an adorable sidekick to Cary, came to be as a species adaptation of Silver's main character markings. Bouncy and cute, she frequents several local events.



Queen of the Jungle, nicknamed "Nala", a fansuit, was also self created by Furr Happens. She debued at Califur 2007. This suit was also featured in the video " Fur in a box".



Blue, made by Furr Happens a realistic blue colored wolf, is a fan costume from Wolf's Rain was debuted at FC2010.


Sasha, a co-project by Furr Happens and Rosequoll, is a beautiful, fluffy and curvaceous German shepherd and was debuted at FC09.


  • Furry in a Box on YouTube. Silver Huskywolf and Queen of the Jungle are both in it. This video won first place in the FNL show at FC08. It took about 4 days to film and about 4 days to edit.
  • Dear Sister on YouTube. Cary Caribou stars in this comedic parody. This video was debuted in the FNL show at FC2010, and though no judging was done that year, it definitely was a highlight.


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