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The fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) is a carnivorous mammal endemic to Madagascar. While fossas are closely related to mongooses, and are often mistaken for felines, they are the largest of the euplerids, a family that also includes animals like the fanaloka and the ring-tailed vontsira.

Fossas can be up to 80 cm (31 inches) in body length, and their tail is as long as their body, with some fossas' tails exceeding 75 cm (30 inches) in length. Unlike most four-pawed mammals, they have five full digits on their paws instead of four and a dewclaw, and they walk with a digitigrade gait when terrestrial, but a plantigrade one when arboreal and also have semi-retractable claws.

Fossas are considered a vulnerable species, and the population of wild fossas is believed to be roughly two and a half thousand, most of which live in protected areas such as national parks. Additionally, they can be found at zoological parks, especially in the United States and Europe. They are cathemeral and carnivorous, primarily eating lemurs, with less common prey including rodents, lizards, and birds.

Fossas and furry[edit]

Fossas are a relatively uncommon species in the furry fandom. They do not appear on the Furry Research Center's 2008 survey, nor did they have their own category on They have also never appeared in the top thirty in WikiFur's category data. However, a non-negligible amount of fossa fursonas, fossa characters, and fossa fursuits do exist, and the species is not quite as obscure as many of its euplerid relatives.

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