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I was searching under my name to see if I had an article yet (and was most disappointed to see that I didn't :-() and guess what I found out? User:Deafleas is Samsara AGAIN. His sixth edit was screeching at some random person on Talk:4chan (who oddly showed up from Anchorage, where I was for about 3 weeks, though I left Anchorage before said comment was made), accusing them of being me and complaining about my AfD votes on "us" ("us" being wikifur, his words to describe a website he "wasn't editing" until January). The IP addresses are probably him too. If I were you, I'd ban them both and him and get a CU on him and User:Tretonin (and SleepAtWork, if he wasn't using proxies). His typical MO is to get a bunch of socks and seek authority. JUST THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW XD

Of course, the alternative explanation is that after 5 edits, he really was dedicated to Wikifur enough to call it home, and had already managed to hear about me through some IRC channel - I hope it's this, I love internet fame. Otherwise, don't say I didn't warn you about him. ^_^