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Ok, im 15 and im a furry. I'm more on the mundane side of things, but i can't wait until i get my first fursuit with my freind and we go to conventions and what not. but, everyone in my world downs us for being furry the second they hear that we are. Most of them make fun of us even though they have no idea what it's about. we havent told our parents and we are afraid to tell anyone else becuase of the ridicule we recive. What should we do? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by SmartieLion (talkcontribs) .

It really shouldn't matter what other people think. The fandom is like a...big family. When other people start trashing your beliefs just come talk to anyone in the furry fandom. We've all had go through the trouble of telling family members, friends and everyone else that we're furries. At least I got a good reception. Most of my friends were either into some other fandom or a furry themselves, so it didn't matter much to them. True, I lost a few close friends, but I also realized that they're just ignorant and closed-minded; it doesn't matter what hobby or fandom you join, they shouldn't be judging you like that. Telling your family should be the easiest part of the mix because they're your family. No matter what you do they're always going to be there. They may dislike you for what you've become, but they love you because your their flesh and blood. True, my mom didn't take it too well (God knows she hated me when I dropped the Christian faith before becoming a furry) but my dad didn't care. He said "You're going to be you and you'll be damned if anyone is going to stop you from doing that". Just remember: there's only one thing in life you can control and that's yourself. --Neon Knight 13:48, 23 August 2006
I agree with neon knight, and from personal experience, a large portion of my family had no idea what a furry was, unfortunately, I myself barely knew at that point (I de-closeted and de forested at the same time). don't worry about your family, they should be fine, just explain it a bit to them, that generally helps a bit, and lemme tell you, I have one side of my family thats a bunch of stereotypical southern rednecks. they'll hate me, once I tell them, which I plan too soon, but it doesn't bother me much anymore. I am also a member of many other fandoms, most notably star wars, so I get looked at weird even without letting others onto my furry side. my tip is, don't deny it, and don't let others get you down about it, but more importantly, don't advertise it. be proud if you'd like, but the whole world doesn't need to know. unlike neon knight however, I wasn't lucky enough to get friends who "get" furries so I get weird looks all the time, plus the usual high school drama. Y'know neon? my dad said the exact same thing to me near VERBATIM, how odd, maybe there's some sort of parental hive mind eh? anyways, Hope it works out for you, whatever you decide, I myself plan to FULLY decloset soon. --Lance Leoghauni
I think you should be able to be a Christian and a furry I am and proud to be both. I don't think it is bad to be a furry it just depends on what you do with it really. It is just what we like. I don't think you should be with multiple furries but hey there are other furry Christians. I do not see anything in the Bible that says its not alright to be a furry. I can not stand it when people say stuff such as Yiff in hell because they think we are gonna have sex with animals or something like that. They just do not know what it means and speak blindly. And i am sure they have a fetish of their own and they think that is perfectly ok. They are not different except what the fetish is for. Feel free to correct me or anything really but i doubt you will because we are one of the nicest group of people i have met. The Christians I know are nice but both parties have people who are well, basically stupid( no insult meant) but some people are faking and others just get angry and are hypocrites but there are good people in both parties.

Fur on my brother. :) Benem3000 06:32, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

I too have found myself in the same situation(15 year old closet furry). only one other person knows that i am, and only after furries came up in conversation, I said i didn't understand why we(though i said they at the time) got so much shit, he agreed, and i eventually just said it, and he accepted me. So i'm trying to figure out how to bring it up with my parents, if they even know what a furry is(though i joked about going to the first day of school in a fursuit). also in reference to benem's post, technically one needs only to accept god as the one true god, jesus as our savior, and the power of the holy spirit to be christian, but if your problem is with organized religion, the system is broken. flanman 9:36 P.M., 23 August 2009 (EST)

I never really had a problem with being a closet furry. My parents are /b/tards and jokingly refer to me as "teh scum of interwebs" I am also a fairly devout Christian and I recently left a church I was in for nearly a year because they had a problem with me being a furry. (They claimed I was possessed by a demon) and I'm glad I had left that church. They weren't your ordinary church, I soon found out they had cult like tendencies right after I left. But as for your family, explain to them what the fandom is, what it means and what it means to you. I guess I was lucky on the whole understanding thing with my friends and family. But my only problem with being a furry is, in my area there is not one other furry for miles. I'm almost totally alone out here. My friends refer to me as "the last furry" because the one before me went off to college. But just help your parents, friends and family understand. I'm in my junior year of highschool and people used to pick on me for wearing my tail and ears in public until I gave them a reason not to. I didn't regret using violence, I know there was no other way but I'm not recommending it. -- Xerxes Ayaphane

I'm also fifteen and very furry, but I've never hid it from anyone. I sort of...jumped out of the closet as soon as I realized i was in it. I'm also a Christian, but I don't believe in about 80% of the Bible, so I'm not the best person to ask on this. There is (was?) a group called Christian Furs, and something else that I believe is now defunct--try typing in "Category:Religion" and look around; Furry isn't a religion, so it's absolutely acceptable to be both, as they are unrelated things. Also, don't mind f people make fun of you for being a furry--sometimes it's funny, and most of the time it doesn't make sense. (I've been called pron before, and other people bark at me as if I were the weird one.) But anyway, good luck! Equivamp 14:55, 12 May 2011 (EDT)