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somebody, anybody! I need help, I need to talk to someone else who is a furry! the problem is that i am only 16, and have to keep the fact i am a furry to myself because almost everyone i know is against furries, so i have only been able to tell my two closest friends, but i dont really talk to them about it. i really want to be able to talk to other furries, and if possible contact someone in or around edinburgh, i would also like to talk to someone who is a similar age and who, like me, is on the mundane side of things. PLEASE, I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE!! i am on msn and xfire and will give you my username on asking.

I suggest having a look at our list of Scottish furs. You might be able to find someone there to talk to. Unfortunately none appear to be specifically from Edinburgh. You might also find someone on UKfurs. You might want to try not to appear quite so desperate about it. :-) --GreenReaper(talk) 21:09, 24 June 2007 (UTC)

i would, but i am desperate, i have been keeping this to myself for too long now, i need to talk to someone soon!

Easy fella! Take a deep breath. There are plenty of places to meet and talk to furs both online and IRL. Wikifur has links to just about all of those places too. My msn address is if you want to talk there. I find that the Furtopia forums ( ) are especially great for discussing all things furry. --Kyle

its not so bad now, im now in contact with someone, but its taken 6 years of solitude, not helped by having 4 stereotypes against myself. anyway im happier now, i've managed to contct someone who was in a similar situation to me. but its taken too long, it has really got to me sometimes, trust me, all the stuff thats happened in the past few years is too much for someone my age. --Dan

shit, too many stereotypes!! i have to admit that so far life hasnt been good to me. especially not at school. unfortunately the situation has worsened now again. including my best friend making fun of my fursona, it was REALLY insulting. anyway, one thing at the mmoment is that no-one else actually knows how far my problems go, they span from very serious (family problems- im adopted), to not really serious (i need parts for my bike, but have no money, which is bad because cycling for me is a temporary escape from things). so you see, it does get extremely serious, and death in the family hasnt helped either, i was off school for a week having completely broken down because my cousin had died of cancer (we were really close), and even worse was that i had important exams then. but i think not knowing my biological parents (i dont even know if they're alive) has seriously affected me. shit my childhood was a mess. oh well, i realise that im kinda going on here, but the internet is the only place i can talk freely. and i NEED to talk about it. shit this is too much... --Dan