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Hi I'm Chris, (say 'Hi Chris') and... and I'm a furry.

Okay, nobody in AA be offended, I gotta start with a joke.

Hello, my name is Chris, and I really am a Furry. I am in my freshman year in college, and I am taking a course in sociology. We have a project: we are to make a website detailing an instance of collective effervescence of a group. I was in interested in doing the Fandom, because A: I have a link to it, and, B: it seemed a good subject, given that it is chock full of totems and gatherings.

I (and my nonfur partner) are still narrowing down the exact event we want to represent, but are looking primarily at either a fursuit games or a climactic event at a con (like a rallying speech, or singular event that bonded people). We are also looking for interviews with people who were at the event, which would theoretically take place online, via email or an instant messenger. Interviews may be anonymous, and we are accepting all suggestions for the event.

So thanks to anyone who wants to help, I am open to all input. If you don't want to post here, email me at, this will be the only address I will use for this project. (UTC)Hapshetsut (Chris)

Sure, I'd love to help. Contact me Via IM, It's Buddly20032000@yahoo and if you don't mind, please delete this once you get it, so no one I don't want to have it can get to it, okay? JDarkglint 00:53, 27 January 2009 (UTC)