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I'm sorry to have to say this but you and Mwalimu have unfortunately, in undoing a number of page changes, exposed people to personal danger.

JessKatt involved with vor-com has been threatened in a 'stalker' nature by a 'real life' individual and after seeing the police has been advised to clean up her and I'm going to go with her on that, both of our online presences.

I've tried to edit those pages down to remove the relevant information but you and Mwalimu have undone those changes. These pages appear in Google searches which have so far been the target of this person's actions.

If you're not happy with the edits, please remove the pages entirely. If you could please also remove the related page: before someone undoes the edit I made to that it would be appreciated.

I'm sorry to sound 'heavy' but it's a very serious matter. I'd have contacted you directly but I couldn't find an easy way.

Please contact me via avon atsymbol for confirmation or any needed details.

Your speedy resolution would be greatly appreciated.

Could you also please remove this help request once the above mentioned pages have been removed.

Thank you.