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i am a new furry i started readen and lookin at some furry art about 6 months ago i might change my name when i find out my furry species im not a exspert on furry but i was told more about furrys on world of warcraft i cna't find out my species and i cna't desecrib my phantom limbs i don't have m shifts but i no i have a furry inside of me because when thinsg get real bad for me they tend to take over. i am tryen to fidn out my furry species and woiul liek to nos ome ways to find out p.s:i etehr don't ahev dreasm or don't remebr them -- 19:38, 8 July 2006 User:Whinis

Okay, for one, learn to spell. Type like you have half a brain and proof read your damn messages. And B, I think you are over complicating it. Just look thru anthro art and if you see any that are appealing to you and just pick a critter that you like. And then base a character on it with a name and background info and statistics and whatnot for roleplaying purposses if you do that sort of thing. And you can change your persona if you have a change of opionion or have more than one.
It may seem awkward and frustrating at first that your character isn't as good as others, I mean my first character I used my own name except spelled with at Y. But just immerse yourself and your character(s) will develop and evolve. For me I just took my interests and personified it into my character The People's Commissar. I wanted something that had presence and authority. At first I was thinking of making him a black fox because I have a tail that's maid from black fox, but then I remembered that I hate foxes, so I just pointed the ears and maid him a jackal.
So just wander the back allies and gutters of the internet and read up on the Fandom and characters. There's a bunch of sites out there that has this stuff. Solidarity- --Pazyryk the Great 01:51, 9 July 2006 (UTC)
Be nice, Pazyryk. ;-) But yes, work on that communication stuff. Furries do a lot of chatting. It sounds like you might be quite involved in the therian side of things as well (which I can't say I know much about). It's interesting that you found the fandom through WoW . . . I wonder how many others have the same story? --GreenReaper(talk) 03:32, 9 July 2006 (UTC)
Siege says:
Definitely looks like you're confusing furriness and therianism, Whinis; "M-shifting" (mental shapeshifting) is a term almost exclusively used among therians. Yes, some furries are also therians or other kinds of Otherkin, but furries are mostly just fans, while therians experience their "ism" as a state of being. Furry lifestylers kind of confuse the issue: basically, they live their fandom; and it seems that some do experience being furries much as therians experience being their own "other" selves, making these lifestylers part of the Otherkin grouping. Also, phantom limbs are not always relevant or even present. You may not be a type that will have them; or if you have them, they may not manifest beyond a tickle in your skin. Phantom limbs can also tend to fade in and out of sensation over time - sometimes they seem as solid as you are (and physical things will react to them), but sometimes they'll seem to have gone missing entirely.
There is often a big emphasis with newbies on "knowing your species", because nearly everyone asks what you are when they first meet you. That doesn't mean that you have to know right away, or that you have to tell anyone. You're likely to go through a period of learning where you're uncertain of your identity, and the identity you choose may change later on (weeks, months, or sometimes even years down the road). I've been doing some reading, and apparently a lot of Otherkin (especially therians and mythic types like dragons) see themselves as wolves initially, but later realize they're actually something else as they grow more comfortable with their new identities and explore their inner selves. (I have a friend who actually went the other way, starting out as a fox until his wolfen side took over.)
(By the way: furry names that include a species in them are considered kind of trite. Sure, a lot of furries did that in the early days, but at the time it was all about the funny animals in cartoons. And cartoons typically give non-human characters metonymous last names: e.g., "Slappy Squirrel the squirrel" or "Daffy Duck the duck". However, the trend has been away from this for quite a while as furry art has come into its own, and furry characters generally have less cartoony personae these days. But if you're trying to emphasise the character's cartooniness, then go right ahead!)
I'll try to close this with some bullet-pointed advice.
  • If you aren't sure what you are when someone asks, say so. Your "personal furry" doesn't have to be anything you don't want it to be - you don't even have to have one.
  • Good spelling (and okay grammar) will help get you down the road to goodwill and respect, because if someone can't read what you write, then why should they care what you say?
  • You don't have to be furry if you don't want to be - but a lot of people define furriness by your participation in the fandom. Don't be surprised if people refuse to believe you aren't furry when you're always hanging out around furries and/or creating furry characters/art/stories/games/whatever.
  • If you realize that you're actually therian but not furry, don't panic. You don't have to explain yourself. You don't have to reject your current friends. If you've reached a new stage in your life where you relate more to a different group than you once did, you'll naturally find yourself moving on, without a need to scream disclaimers or throw out the infidels.
  • Overall, be respectful but not worshipful. Be curious and pleasant. Explore yourself and explore the realms before you. Have fun! Share and enjoy. And Don't Panic! After all, we're mostly harmless. ;)
-- Siege(talk) 09:31, 9 July 2006 (UTC)

thanks and if it seems that my grammers bad its becuase i play wow and use lots of short sentences becuase of limited space and the reason i use furry and therian is becuase when io first foudn furry it was art and stories and whyne i went on to wow i found out about therians but instead he used the term fur for it and he told me about fur means furry he is a therian and so is his friend i found but they tend to help me atleast he does his friend isn't so nice the way he talkes he is a therian but he has lot so much he is sore on the subject at first after first tlaken wiht him and it sounded like i was a fur(therian)and so i searched the net for new terms and when i found this,it really helped becuase since ive only known about fur for 6 months he talkes in a forieghen language and now i cna serahc all the terms and as far as i no i have phantom limbs becuase i have weird feelings on my back from time to time and they rang from nothin to tickles to something comein from my back like braken though my skin but since theres nothen there i felt weird for 7 years becuase it started 7 years ago

-and as far as my friends they use fur not therian and since i learned from them hence i use fur too.

-i don't have m-shifts as far as i no and im not sure i even want to be therian even thoguh i am, part of me thinks its just not real and not possible

-the other part of me wants it and there for i am haven a battle in my head about wats happenen and wats not and alot of other stuff im not comfortable talken about

-also i don't have dreams to help me and m-shifts i don't have or don't remmber and phantom limbs are too small to really no wat they are

-and so im not sure if ill ever find my species and any help would be nice -- 09:51, 9 July 2006 Whinis

(helps if you use ~~~~ to produce a signature, I've been adding cut and pastes from the page's history for you)
Well, if you are experiencing an awakening as Otherkin (or just finally deciding to explore it), your WoW friends and I may not be your best sources (and we shouldn't be your only sources). There are a number of groups which can give advice, though a lot of controversy is also generated (not everyone agrees on why they feel they're Otherkin). You might look over our local page on the subject, as well as Wikipedia's (found at; Wikipedia also has a handful of books and articles you might be able to locate. Another reference would be (a web page dedicated to listing and reviewing books which talk about Otherkin of any kind).
Good luck with your journey. -- Siege(talk) 15:45, 9 July 2006 (UTC)