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Should we have a category for defunct groups? It could help prevent people from assuming a group they've found is still active as well as allow people who are curious about furry groups of the past have a way to see what once was. Conventions and furmeets already seem to have a similar category. SockyNoob 12:45, 1 February, 2020 (CDT)

I see defunct conventions have a navbox/template, but don't have a category. That said, I wouldn't mind a defunct group category! I'm just noticing there isn't an analogy for conventions or meets. :3 Also, thanks so much, SockyNoob, for helping out with Florida pages! Novaaa (talk) 20:03, 1 February 2020 (EST)

No problem! I'm not from Florida, but I am the founder and main admin of South Mississippi Furry Association and have had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing and discovering my state's (Mississippi) bad luck with running furry groups. I've been trying to ask around to see what went wrong as I've been getting the best parts of other groups currently running plus some of my own ideas. Would really help benefit all groups to know what kills groups in the first place. Need to add pages for the other defunct groups one day, even if it sounds completely useless. It is a wiki after all :D User:SockyNoob 21:42, 1 February 2020 (CST)