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I noticed that in some cases WikiFur articles have links to Wikipedia where there could be links to WikiFur articles not yet created - in other words, red links. Shawn Keller's filmography is a good example: some of movies listed already have articles in WikiFur, but the filmography links to Wikipedia, and some might get a WikiFur article (such as Home on the Range), but the link will still direct to Wikipedia unless corrected. Also, with no red link, visitors are less likely to write the article even if they would otherwise (for example, it's easy to assume that the link to Wikipedia indicates that the article wouldn't be appropriate). But, of course, information in Wikipedia is much more useful to readers than no information at all.

When we encountered this problem in Russian WikiFur, we solved in with "No article" template. It looks like a red link, but with a supertexted link to some existing article. It can be a link to Wikipedia, to WikiFur in other language, to an article on an external website... If the article is created in WikiFur and the template mark-up is no longer needed, the templated links are automatically marked yellow and collected in a special category for easy clean-up.

I can copy and translate this template to English WikiFur, if it would be useful to you. EvilCat 08:24, 13 May 2011 (EDT)