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Forum:Request removal of my page23:24, 19 October 2022Dartwuffy
Forum:Request removal of page/associations16:09, 11 June 2022108.17.80.175
Forum:Would an oversighter please review my info page?21:35, 22 January 2022Zynk
Forum:A note to Colleagues23:13, 16 September 2021Spirou
Forum:Could admins please delete these two pages about me as I no longer take part in the furry fandom, thanks.16:18, 2 April 2021Sckhar
Forum:Permission to be forgotten (please)03:18, 21 May 2020Spirou
Forum:Please delete old page19:25, 12 May 2020GreenReaper
Forum:Can you please delete the page about me? It has a lot of personal information which I never gave permission to be there.09:02, 3 December 2019Xanth
Forum:I am requestion exclusion of a real name for a deceased user Galonodel, the information could be harmful to identifying relatives and partners.21:55, 7 April 2018Leon Hunter
Request for page deletion15:56, 5 December 2017Higgs Raccoon
Forum:Can you please delete MegaKitsune mention?16:49, 14 September 2017209.55.70.171
Forum:Requesting exclusion/deletion of page19:13, 25 February 2017Basilramley
Forum:Can you please delete page11:31, 4 February 2017Colinstu
Forum:Please Delete My Old Page21:06, 28 January 2017Spirou
Forum:Can you please delete my page?10:17, 14 January 2017Najii
Forum:Need personal information and traces there of removed due to work security.01:33, 5 July 201683.249.90.177
Forum:Please delete my Page00:39, 7 June 2016Wolfy-Power
Forum:Can my page be deleted please?07:30, 16 May 2016Higgs Raccoon
Forum:Removal of personal information19:08, 18 December 2014Cizkaro
Forum:Request for deletion of personal information01:27, 1 December 2013Spirou
Forum:Image Removal00:08, 4 May 2013Sine
Forum:Exclusion of pseudonym from article about an event00:22, 10 April 2013Spirou
Rachid Yahya23:37, 6 September 2009ReaperBot
Mozdoc's Request For COMPLETE Exclusion02:38, 29 March 2009Mozdoc
Chibiabos' requests for blanking15:38, 10 August 2008GreenReaper
Timed exclusions01:36, 13 June 2007KendricksRedtail
Request for Protection of Chibiabos18:06, 27 November 2006EarthFurst