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Here's the fact. I have been trying to edit my own page to say the truth under an IP address instead of a username. I'm starting to get pretty pissed that I can't have what I want written on my own page. Ya'll keep saying I'm slandering myself, and yet I'm merely saying what is true.

I'm tired of ya'll changing my page back from what I want it.


There are two problems with what you are saying.
First, the article PriestRevan is in the main article space and as such is not "owned" by anyone and must comply with the general guidelines that apply to all mainspace articles, such as being encyclopedic and complying with neutral point of view, as well as being editable by anyone on the site. If you want to say whatever you wish about yourself, you are free to create a userpage, e.g. User:PriestRevan, where for the most part you can say whatever you want and others should leave it alone.
Second, all we can tell is that someone registered here under the same name as the person in the article. We can't tell if you're actually that person, or someone trying to harass or impersonate them, and since you seem intent on reflecting PriestRevan in a negative light, we have to treat the latter as a definite possibility. --mwalimu 19:49, 25 June 2010 (UTC)


And here is my reply:

I am PriestRevan. Instead of not believing me, why don't you just read your FA notes? I have every right to portray myself in a negative light.