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I think cleanup templates are important to mark articles which, for whatever reason, don't quite fit WikiFur in their present state and which are not (entirely) appropriate models for other articles. In addition, Category:Cleanup can be checked periodically and paid attention to, rather than stumbling upon an article in need of cleanup through links.

I've mentioned on Template talk:Cleanup that I think that particular template could do with some re-wording. Beyond that, I think adding at least one more kind of cleanup template would be useful.

I percieve tone as a significant issue (or the only issue) with many new articles, and something which it is especially important to smooth. "Jane Doe is the best person since sliced bread and always smiles" isn't the sort of comment useful in an article here, but is obviously well-meant.

So, I think we could do with a tone template, something like Template:Advert. I've been mulling over possible wording. Something along the lines of: This should have a more appropriate tone for a WikiFur article, which should be without personal commentary, opinions, or in-jokes, and worded seriously.

-- Sine 21:41, 5 December 2006 (UTC)