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I was about to create an article about Anthropodenial, but I'm having trouble with the wording. I see WikiFur has an Anthropomorphobia article, but I think anthropodenial should have a seperate article because at the moment I don't see anthropomorphobia as the cause of all anthropodenial. Doing a Google-search for anthropodenial resulted in 19300 matches.

  • Are we in anthropodenial? by de Waal, F. B. M.

at says "(..) this practice, the opposite of anthropomorphism, (..). I will call it anthropodenial: a blindness to the humanlike characteristics of other animals, or the animal-like characteristics of ourselves."

  • Looking at Flipper, Seeing Ourselves by Frans de Waal (published: 2006 October 9)

at has various bits about anthropodenial including "What is so upsetting to some people about the closeness between animal and human intelligence, or between animal and human emotions, for that matter? (..) Accusations of anthropomorphism will fly, (..)" --EarthFurst 20:38, 12 October 2006 (UTC)