Forest Hill

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Forest Hill
Author(s) T. Rodriguez (aka Campion Lapine)
Update schedule Tuesdays
Launch date January 1st, 2012
End Date Ongoing
Genre Drama, slice of life
Censor MA button.png

Forest Hill is a furry webcomic by T. Rodriguez, aka Campion Lapine. The comic revolves around the daily lives of a loose-knit group of friends and their families. The first strip was published on January 1st, 2012, and was hosted at Smackjeeves until November 2018, when the author moved it to another host due to the content the comic being too disturbing for Smackjeeves.

Initially, the comic posted on Tuesday, Friday, and bi-weekly Sunday until June 2013 when the comic then went into hiatus. The format used during this initial run was that of a grey-scaled newspaper style, with a full color half-page comic on Sundays. After returning from hiatus in September 2013, the short-form strips on Tuesday and Friday went full color, and the Sunday half-page comics were discontinued; however, the author has noted that he might post a new half-page comic on occasion.[1] In 2014 February the webcomic became weekly.

Plot overview[edit]

The comic takes place in a world resembling the 1990's. The world is populated by anthropomorphic animals who were created by humans in the distant past. Humans have disappeared and their technology has been lost. Their creations worship them as gods.

The Lockets, a family of foxes, consisting of single father Colin and his children Tanya and Hunter, move from a big city to the town of Forest Hill, and a setting similar to that of rural Appalachia. There, the family finds a place to live. Tanya, makes some new friends at school, and also gets into a fight with the school bully Benni. A rabbit named Kaleb comes to her aid, only to be severely injured by Benni, ending up in a coma. Kaleb eventually recovers and returns to school, though begins suffering from seizures. When evidence is found that Benni is being sexually abused by his father, he is taken as a foster son by Kaleb's mother Flora, who discovered the evidence and Benni quickly becomes close friends with Kaleb. It is revealed that Benni was actually being prostituted by his father, including being forced to rape other children by their pedophile parents. Meanwhile, another sexually abused child named Talitha develops a crush on Hunter and tries to have sex with him, leading to her father being arrested. Tanya meanwhile picks a fight with some older kids, and has to be rescued by Benni.


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