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Fursona, created by shirik.
Fursona, created by Lady Phoenixx

Sayre "John" Foxx (born November 1),[1] formerly known as Possum Fox and Forepaws Pyrofox, is a Welshfur and fursuiter who lives in Birmingham, UK.[citation needed]


Sayre's fursona is a winged non-anthropomorphic fox with two tails. He also has a vixen version of this character.

Sayre's fursuit was made by Shirik Draguinea.[2]


Sayre discovered the furry fandom in February, 2006. He has been in a long term relationship with Awkore since around 2010, and they often attend events together.

Conventions and events[edit]

Sayre can often be found at following events:

Sayre was co-head of Registration at ScotiaCon 2013,[3] and he helps out at Frantic Eufuria.


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