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Forbidden is an adult story series written by Frost Rime Borealis and Cecil B. North posted on Yiffstar. It started in February 2004 and was completed in June 2005. It is split into three parts, called Forbidden, The Cameron Hotel, and The Angel of Yiff, each with around 18 chapters.


Its eight main characters (in order of appearance) are Erik Matthew "Matt" Cameron, "Sirrus", Alexander Colin "Alex" Moen, Jasyn Aiden Fuller, Christopher Phillip "Chris" Eden, Lucas Joseph "Luke" Trammel, "Rei" Reinao, and Riddick Dumar Eden.


Forbidden chronicles the events that occur during a little more than one year in the lives of these six anthropomorphic teenagers and adults. The story takes place in an unnamed town, and follows the romantic and sexual lives of these six furs, and other characters, including Duncan Joshua Porter, James Peter Moen, Shianne Terrence, Kevin Terrence, Mike Terrence, Lance, Kelly and Rick; it has previously included two cameos by the story's fans Sebby and Liska.

It begins with the catalyst of a lonely half-otter half-raccoon (Matt), buying himself a semi-feral talking dragon (Sirrus) as his pet. The events that follow, including multiple romances and break-ups; the reuniting of one family; the tearing apart of two others; the birth of very unique fourth; a trial; a musical number; a separate and unrelated holiday fiasco and copious amounts of sex - all of which spans over 50 chapters, and over a year's worth of time both for the characters and their writers.

Ranked consistently between 9 and 10 stars when Yiffstar had a 10 star system, and 5 stars in the new five star system; Forbidden remains both Frost Rime Borealis and Cecil B. North's proudest achievement as furry authors, and a favorite among their fans.

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