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ForFoxSake (born 1983) is a British red fox currently residing in Crystal Palace, London, United Kingdom. His nick is sometimes spelt "ForFoxSake!" with the additional exclamation mark, or simply shortened to "ForFox".

He is employed as a full-time PHP developer for an London-based social media company and enjoys music, travel, juggling, and free parties.

Fandom involvement[edit]

ForFoxSake has been around in the furry scene since early 2000, attending some of the earliest NorthernFurs meetups in Manchester, Chester and Liverpool while living in North Wales, as well as occasional visits to the LondonFurs meets.

He was mostly active in #uk and #northernfurs/#northukfurs on the now-defunct YiffNet IRC network as "ForFox" or "4FoxSake" (due to the old nine-character limit on nicknames), and is now occasionally on FurNet as "ForFoxSake".

ForFoxSake moved to Sheffield in early 2002 where he spent several years living in "The Treehouse" (the nickname of a mostly-furry shared house near Fulwood). After eight years of living in Sheffield he relocated to the London area where he now lives with his partner.

Meets and conventions[edit]

ForFoxSake used to be a regular attendee at NorthernFurs meets, but has not been to one for some years now. He attended his first furry convention at Further Confusion 2009 in California.

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