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Footwell is a collective term for the collaborative works of Frost T. Wolf & Twll. Footwell is distributed across two points along the northern section of the M6 corridor in the United Kingdom.


Spawning as the result of an accidental collaboration, Footwell is the merged consciousness of two of the UK's foremost uninteresting artists. After discussing the possibilities of collaborating, Footwell stepped up to work on the UK PawPet Show poster at ConFuzzled 2009. At the time it was considered A Good Thing and as a result, Frost T. Wolf & Twll have infrequently been working together at least once a year since 2008.


Generally, Twll is responsible for planning the artwork (although this varies from piece to piece), Frost T. Wolf then sketches and inks the work. At this point changes are discussed before Twll takes over to do the colouring and the shading, final dress and typography. Twll usually handles printing and uploading of the finished pieces.

As a toony artist, Frost T. Wolf's lines are generally bold and his proportions are exaggerated somewhat, a style that Twll professes to be unable to do and begrudgingly operates "just the crayons". However, as a more realistic artist (and with a history of technical and architectural drawing), Twll has a better grasp on perspective, colour, light and shading than Frost T. Wolf and adds a certain depth to the toony lines that would otherwise be flat on the page. The two artists often complain that they're riding on the coat-tails of each other and vehemently hate one another over a disagreement about the rules of a child's card game.


  • May 2008: Frost T. Wolf and Twll talk briefly at a Londonfurs meet where two lines of conversation are exchanged.
  • June 2008: Twll attends the first ConFuzzled event in Manchester as staff. Frost T. Wolf attends as a sponsor. They are introduced properly and become rather good friends.
  • September 2008: Initial collaboration: This involved Twll showing off his then new Wacom Cintiq to Frost T. Wolf, who then drew some line art. Twll took it upon himself to colour it. This was to set the template for all future works. A Halloween-based piece is created and released on to their separate Fur Affinity accounts during a stay at Timduru's house.
  • November 2008: The name Footwell is born. It is a contraction of FTW & Twll with a few vowels added for extra goodness: 'FTWLL' to 'Footwell'.
  • March 2009: An artist was required to create the poster artwork for the ConFuzzled 2009 PawPet Show and Footwell were automatically selected (as the selection was determined by Twll). The first of a series of collaborations for the PawPets UK show was born. These posters are almost subversive their nature, as they ape a classic or notable movie poster in an entirely opposed genre to the theme of the convention or show. The theme of the 2009 convention was Victorian England and the PawPets artwork was a pastiche of the original Star Wars poster.
  • March 2010: The follow up to highly regarded 2009 show saw Footwell's style refine further, with the first use of Adobe Flash for line art (to allow for easier scaling up to the required A1 size). The theme of the show was based around 'Science!', which was completely undermined by a poster based upon the one for Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • September 2010: During a game of Farmyard Vehicle Top Trumps on a Stena Line ferry on the way back from Eurofurence 16, the two fall out over an argument over the horsepower of a tractor and a combine harvester. Much shouting and name-calling ensues and the two retreat to opposite ends of the vessel and contrive new ways of swearing at one another.
  • April 2011: Running a little later than previous years due to their spat, Footwell unveiled the poster for the ConFuzzled 2011 PawPet Show. With a poster based upon one of the variations of the Inception poster, it was nearly, but not quite, complementary to the theme of 'The Roaring Twenties'.
  • April 2011: Footwell unveiled the first page of its first comic collaboration: an exclusive eight page full-colour comic produced for sponsors and residential+ attendees of ConFuzzled 2011. This comic revolves around a childhood friend of Brok The Badger having her father abducted. Brok, for the purposes of the comic, is working as a 1920s private investigator. The story of the comic was written by Shay.
  • May 2011: The pair were working together well at the convention, unfortunately on the late departure day they broke into another fight in front of the Guest of Honour, The Gneech, and his wife. After being separated, the two left the venue and have barely spoken since.

Future projects[edit]

Footwell is determined to become more productive outside of ConFuzzled, taking on limited commissions and personal work. At this time, Footwell is uncertain exactly what the future holds, as they are still not talking to each other properly yet. They have confirmed to a few people that they will be working together, and that they have at least talked about their involvement on a comic for ConFuzzled 2012.

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