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Folwilliar, also known as Eddie-Sands, formerly as Railwolf (born March 14, 1990),[1] is a furry artist and writer who lives in Duluth, Georgia, USA,[2]


Folwilliar's artwork revolves both around his love of railroad themes and adult Disney art, the later involving mostly their canon canine characters in anthropomorphic form.

Folwilliar's adult hard has a panache for the BDSM paraphilia, which uses it to his advantage in both art and stories. Peril is also a common thread in his works, used mostly for comic relief.

Western & Atlantic[edit]

Formerly known as the WOLF, the W&A was a fictional railroad art role play concept created by Railwolf. It was operated not just by furries, but by, again, feature animation anthropomorphic canine characters, Lady from Lady and the Tramp and Aleu from Balto were his more popular crew members.

The Railroad existed not just in the form of art and stories, but was also modeled by Railwolf and others The W&A was at one point connected and exchanging traffic with the Gunpowder Falls Railroad by fellow artist Gunslinger87. Gunslinger87 no longer has his GFRR interchanging with Railwolf's W&A.

In real life, Eddie-Sands is a volunteer at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia.[citation needed]


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