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Author(s) Asria and Silvyn
Update schedule Ended.
Launch date December 15, 2006
End Date Ended.
Genre Comedy
Censor NC17 button.png

Folfed! is a furry webcomic created by female furry artist Asria and her husband Silvyn. It came online on December 15, 2006. It is normally updated whenever the authors have time in their busy schedule. The series name is derived from the furspeak term folf, used to describe an anthropomorphic hybrid character with the genetic make up of a fox and a wolf.

This title word play is due to the two main characters of the comic being a female wolf and a male fox.


According to Asria, Folfed! is about:

Everyday life through the eyes of a couple of hardcore furry dorks, trying to survive in a world full of idiots. Viva La Resistance!
Panel from Folfed!

The comic revolves around Silvyn and Asria, who are married, as they go through their everyday life.

Many of the comics have been - and will be - a direct reflection of events that take place in the real lives of the creators, which makes it all the more ironic.

The reader will probably see references to places they'll never want to go, songs they've heard but wish they hadn't, and games they're ashamed to have known about.


  • Asria is an arctic wolf with unusual markings, which she didn't have in the beginning, and the origins of which will be explored later in the comic. Her personality is generally cynical and bitter, with a self-hatred toward her country accent.
  • Silvyn is a striped blue arctic fox whose happy-go-lucky demeanor often conflicts with Asria's downtrodden behavior. His self-proclaimed purpose in life is to make Asria smile even when she is at her poutiest.