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Fnar is a character in the webcomic Jack. He is a fox/rat hybrid and appears in Hell as a child in a sailor suit. Fnar's name is an acronym for the phrase "For No Apparent Reason".

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The Unborn, as he is also called, is one of Jack's few friends in Hell. A fetus whose pregnant mother was killed, Fnar wanders around in Hell, but because he died before he was born, he is innocent and pure, and therefore does not comprehend the pain that surrounds him (a crow ripped off his nose when he first arrived in Hell, and Fnar didn't feel it at all). According to Jack, the only people that can harm him in Hell are his own father and mother. Though he died as a fetus, he appears to be a young child in hell, and behaves as such. Fnar is always seen smiling, even when crying.

It was revealed that there are two things that can hurt Fnar; his mother and his father, as shown when Fnar's mother yells at him, Fnar cries, feeling pain for the first time.

Fnar's mother's name is Jink, and his father is the Sin of Lust, Drip.

In his last days in hell, Fnar is lured by Drip into an unknown method of torture. Drip had done this to get revenge on Jack. It is discovered that Fnar was kept in Hell only for the well-being of Jack, who is driven into a fury when he thinks that it is his own fault that Fnar is hurt. Jack then strangles Farrago, who had organized Fnar's stay in Hell. Whilst Fnar leaves, he asks Farrago to forgive Jack for what he did and is born again to his new parents: the Hopkins, Pepe and Karma. His reincarnation, Randy, who has traits of both the Hopkins, has a cameo appearance in the arc "Those that Run", and the more recent arc "The Superman Project"

Fnar also had a relationship with a rework of hell; one which Vanity created. She ended up telling Fnar to find his real love, a girl named Addy on Earth, who was her true reincarnation.

Fnar also formed a close bond with another rework, Bonavin which Fnar came to know as his 'pet'. Fnar seemed to pronounce his name differently on every occasion he talked to him. (Bonnevine, Bonny-vin) He has also mispronounced other character's names too, a symptom of his projected age. Bonavin always acted indifferently to Fnar, but the extent of his feelings were shown when Bonavin was destroyed attacking Drip because Drip had hurt Fnar.