Fnaire Antbear

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Fnaire Antbear is a semi-autonomous character closely associated with Oren Otter as well as the star of the webcomic Room For One More.

Outside the comic[edit]

Fnaire is a character who seems, more than most, to have a distinct personality. She has mannerisms, likes, and dislikes which are very much in keeping with a real person, even though she is not tied to a corporeal body in the most traditional sense. She does, however, exist in the form of a fursuit.

Inside the comic[edit]

As star of Room for One More, Fnaire has the stereotypical insectivorous penchant for eating insects and spiders (those small enough to fit in her mouth, anyway), and a preternaturally long tongue, once measured at 9 feet. Very muscular and strong, she is nonetheless fully feminine in her preferences. On the other hand, she does not mind breaking with traditional gender roles on occasion, such as when she joined the football team. While as a funny animal character she lacks a clothing taboo, neither does she have a particular desire to draw attention to her physical appearance. As it is, there apparently is no cultural distinction in this universe, no awkwardness, between humans and apes who do need clothing and other species who do not.

Fnaire has a very strong moral and spiritual grounding, but yet ironically there was one occasion in which she nearly succumbed to a sexual temptation. It was her boyfriend Terry who helped her overcome that instance.