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Flute (in full, Charli Flute Sinclair-Astral Ti'Hope) is the fursona of furry artist Kelsey Mráček.

Kelsey is mainly a cartoonist. She created Flute in 2003 to replace her old character (Meiynai, created in 2000).

Flute is a "kittycoon," a half-feline, half-raccoon hybrid. Personality-wise she is a bundle of happiness and sunshine. She is probably one of the sweetest furries you would meet, but she has a tendency to be unbelievably shy. This does not, however, limit her means to making friends. New friends and old alike are very dear to her heart, and she does not choose to socialize with merely one type; instead, her friends vary.

Flute is often called the "white-socked kitten" because, for a small period in time, she never wore shoes, only white socks. Recently, though, she is seen in cute little silver slip-on shoes.

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