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Fluke performing at BLFC 2018 fursuit dance competition

Fluke the Husky (a.k.a. Fluke, Skaylez (FA artist name)), is an artist, fursuiter, and YouTuber who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. He is currently engaged with Tirox and a member the fursuitter dance crew, Furocity.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Fluke discovered the furry fandom through DA and later via FA in 2012. He commissioned and drew art of his husky fursona, developing Fluke’s style. His first fur con was FC 2015, where he saw his first fursuit dance competition, and started competing at BLFC 2017. Since then, he has participated in numerous fursuit dance competitions.


Fluke fursona is a blue husky, which is distinguished by his lighter blue spots and curly tail. He often wears props and the crown is the most commmon one he wears. However, in some of his Youtube videos, he wears a lei around his neck with a sunflower on his right ear, and a pink harness in others.


Fluke debuted his first fursuit version in BLFC 2017, and the second at BLFC 2018. The first one was self-made, while the second was created by FursuitsByLacy.


Fluke has a background in theater and singing/performing. He toured professionally for a show choir in 2015, and since then his performing hobby took off. Fluke has performed in multiple furry dance competitions, placing first in the BLFC 2018 floor wars, DF 2018 Fursuit Dance Competition, and Fur Grounds 2018 (formerly kerfluffle), which is an online floor wars dance competition hosted by iBolt.


In early 2019, Fluke launched his YouTube channel, where he submitted videos once a week. Few months after that, he reached 10K subscribers. Fluke’s videos mainly consist of Q&A’s and him drawing other furries'/people's fursonas. He also has posted some dance videos.

On October 25, 2020 he reached 100K subscribers.

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