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FluffboxID is an online chat group on Telegram made for furries of Indonesia. It's one of the rare furry group available to public from the region which mainly aim to provide place to connects and centralize the local furry fans in the nation and everyone with relation to Indonesia.


FluffboxID started by a group of friends, one of many dispersed group of furries from the country. The day FluffboxID created is just a title to the already collected members. It was a private chat at first, untill a new idea comes up on March 2019, the name FluffboxID is introduced for public.

The chat begins to invite local furries in. And managed to help some members found new friends and held meetup, albeit unorganized. FluffboxID was active and growing steady since then. And reach 100+ members in the first year. Considering the total furry individual in the region at the moment is less than a thousand the group did its best.

In the late year 2021 however, FluffboxID owner is resigning with a personal reason. The group was deleted on their decision, and the member can't do anything to stop it. The impact is nothing of a big deal. But for that time, the link and the group is no longer can be found in Telegram. The fate of all members of the former group are left to their own. Untill a while later in mid 2022, the group was recently revived using the old public Telegram username to make it available again. Under a new owner from the former members. Which now it need to start from scratch. Even thought, the chat would serve the same purpose

The Chatroom[edit]

FluffboxID had the following features:

  • Open to the public with no restrictions, including nonfur or allies as well as foreigners from around the world.
  • Rated for PG-13, furry themed general topic chatroom. NSFW/NSFL media and content are prohibited.
  • Everyone allowed to advertise or promote their creations with admins approval.
  • A regional group, focused on encouraging local furry fans to meet and unite.
  • Majorly Indonesian members, the main language used are Indonesian and English for international communication.

Further detailed information for the latest moderators list, group's rules, and members are available in the chat's page on Telegram.


Furry fandom in Indonesia is not well known and still in the early stage of education for the idea and rules. But it doesn't stop new local people to find out the gallery and begins their interest. Soon, there is actually a concerning number of new furries, often with young ages that comes with lack of guides and awareness of the fandom culture and its risk. FluffboxID's owner took this matter into the group's team and intiate a new purpose. Despite knowing it doesn't have the system to handle the case, they suggest to at least have the group acts as a provider for easy access to a furry central that is made by and for the locals, and hopes to help the community with it.

There are many other furry chats in Telegram, and FluffboxID took the odd to care for the local fans. There are senior Indonesian furry members out there that took matters into their own hands when issues unfold as well as when good events are in plans and held to realism for the local furries to partake and cheer. But the seniors and early members of the fandom had started their bigger and older internet community group outside Telegram, which doesn't open to public.

FluffboxID took the opportunity to fill in the part. Which is to be one of the earliest available furry chatroom for Indonesian fur fans as accessible as having Telegram. It was about making an open public chat where everyone can join as easy as opening a door. One that are safe for all ages and appropriate in the public eyes. Because the group wishes to able to partake in socializing and educating both young furries and the country. The group only needs everyone to keep in common senses and boundaries, obey the guides and the chat is one way to start.

FluffboxID didn't claim to be the biggest or highly recommended chat to join. But looking at the situation and public visibility, the chat is the easiest option for any furs to begin in seek for online social hangout. Both for young members or the elders to know each other, make new friends, share and trade skills and creations among the people of their own country.

The group will not owned by anyone but itself and will continue to represent the partition of the local furries among the furry fandom worldwide. It will plan to exist as long as the fandom in the nation keeps growing together with it, and it is the main goal of FluffboxID.

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