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The cast of Fluff & Such

Fluff & Such Pawpet Productions is a puppetry group located in Columbia, MD. They have created several shows and shorts, each aired in turn on the Funday PawPet Show, as well as that show's "fireworks" logo (in After Effects).

Fluff and Such provided one of the first-ever video entries into Anthrocon's masquerade in 2005. Their submission, Hardly Bear and Tag the Dog in an amusing performance of Barenaked Ladies' If I Had a Million Dollars (which premiered on FPS show 150, December 2002), earned them a standing ovation from the hundreds in the audience. Their other works include a touching rendition of Everclear's Wonderful. In 2006, the Anthrocon masquerade showed Fluff and Such's videos for Major Tom (Coming Home) and Avril Lavigne's 'I'm With You', also to a warm reception. Posting of Fluff and Such's videos on YouTube.com also won them many new fans.


  • Hardly Bear
  • Tag The Dog
  • Wally-Tang
  • Chopper Cat
  • Porcelain Bear
  • Talky Bear


  • Nonsanity - Puppeteer, Director, Editor, Webmaster
  • Cuddles_Cat - Puppeteer, Camera, Crew
  • TankPolice - Puppeteer, Camera, Crew (for "Wonderfull", "Major Tom")
  • Muadib - Puppeteer, Audio, Crew (for "Wonderfull", "Major Tom")

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