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FluffMUCK is a furry-themed TinyMUCK started in 1995 by Inkypaws the ferret and Zorin the lynx. There is no defined theme, but there are a number of aspects including furry, toon, high technology, and a "cuddly friendliness".


FluffMUCK was was started at a time when FurryMUCK was very laggy, so quickly obtained an established player base. In late 1996, FluffMUCK had a mass influx of Sonic the Hedgehog fans, primarily due to the closed policy of the large Sonic TinyPlot in Sociopolitical Ramifications (run by Raven). They started their own competing TinyPlot there, initially roleplaying in public areas until they could complete their own area, and this quickly snowballed, bringing even more Sonic fans to Fluff, to the point where they became a significant majority for some time. The TP throughout its existence was victim to a variety of drama, most of which pertaining to powergaming from other players, as well as real life relationship troubles and other circumstances. With the creation of Sonic-themed MUCK's such as Mobius and ChaosMUCK, the majority of the Sonic community left Fluff, leaving a smaller userbase. Mobius was henceforth recycled, and anyone trying to go there would get this amusing message, installed by the owner of the entrance:

Mobius went kaboom.  Go away.  Sonic died.  Sally died, too.  Especially 
Sally.  Just please go away.  There's nothing to see here.  It is better off 

FluffMUCK today[edit]

Today, FluffMUCK is a primarily social MUCK with a small but loyal userbase remaining. The system has had several shutdown scares, but seems stable for the time being. From 2002 through 2005 FluffMUCK had a policy of only allowing new accounts from those who could obtain a reference from two existing players who had been there over six months, which apparently solved many administration headaches. It is now open to all new users once more. Currently, Zorin runs the system pretty much on his own, since it has become small enough to no longer need a large administration.




(Note that many of these players don't frequent FluffMUCK anymore; this list is simply present for historical reasons and to illustrate some of the system's culture.)

  • Babsy - Eating sugar/being ky00te/normal questions/etc
  • Bazil - Accidentally crashing MUCKs.
  • Blodoc - MUF, MPI, Anything | Everything
  • Bob - Newbie magnet. Come and ask!
  • Brightie
  • Caelen - Newbies/Building/Some MPI/NO MUF!/Guided Tours
  • Cher - Kisses, Hugs, and More!
  • Chris
  • Clyde_Brenton - Building/Objects/little MPI/Phoca/Win95
  • Dexter - TF~zombies~building~vehicles~Just ask...
  • Earthtide
  • Eldren - World domination! Mwahah... err, *anything*.
  • GC - !MUF | !MPI | Anything else. Page me for help.
  • Griffin - Ask, and ye shall receive. (No MPI or MUF)
  • Iado
  • Icarus - ANSI / Character Setup / Building / Neighing
  • Jag - General Help
  • Jery - Newbies/General Help/A little MPI/Possums! :)
  • Jim - |Vehicles|Player setup|Building|just ask|
  • Kamikaze - Anything
  • Keet - Foxy Things/MUF/MPI/Building/WinFuzz32/FuzzBal
  • Kiyotl - Building/Some MPI/drinks/decadence
  • Knightfall - Newbies/Zombies/Building/Wuffies/Ect.
  • Kritter - Just ask :)
  • LearFox
  • Les - All of the above.
  • Martin - Building/creating/actions/manners/morphs/etc.
  • Matrices - I'm good at lots of stuff! Choose me!
  • Maythen - Building/Newbies/Little MUF/Little MPI/Zombies
  • Padathir - FuzzBall 5.6x
  • Rayonnant - When someone's being a jerk to you / Building
  • Reddie - Newbies | Homes | Other Stuff | Page me.
  • Sammael - Building/Morphs/Insanity/!sanity&MPI
  • Sennard - MUF/Little MPI/Building/Vehicles/Questions!
  • Speckles - Difficult Problems/Ethical Issues/!Spelling
  • Surianna - General/Paradoxial Overmax Dimensional Warp

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