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Floyd's fursona, artwork by Apple Pup
Floyd posing on his hand built fursuit crate, with his yard glass

Floyd is a fursuiter from Taylor, Michigan, USA.[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Floyd is fursuiter and musician who enjoys writing furry themed parodies of popular 80's songs,[clarify][citation needed], attending conventions and furmeets, making fursuiter badges, and hosting room parties at conventions.

Main Fursona[edit]

His fursona is a leopon with a rather large mane. He is known for carrying around a rather large yard glass filled with alcohol at conventions.

Alternate Characters[edit]

  • Abattoir: A cannibalistic black undead mutilated bull who wields a giant meat cleaver.
  • Dingus Young: A Paul Hogan-like Australian dingo who loves AC/DC, Bundaberg Rum, and all things bogan.
  • Boris: A Russian snow leopard who loves vodka. Fursuit made by ArvinsLair Studios.
  • Wahshimi: A Red panda sporting a kimono, rice farmer hat, and bamboo staff. Fursuit by Monstercat.


Floyd's fursuit is a fullsuit, built by Snap E. Tiger. While most people carry their fursuits around in plastic totes, Floyd got creative and built a one of a kind fursuit tote, designed to look like a wooden zoo crate. The interior of the crate also contains a wine rack which holds up to 5 bottles of rum, and a mount to safely store his yard glass.


Floyd has attended several conventions including:

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