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Floof Con is a furry online convention founded in July of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It takes place on Discord and also Minecraft and features panels, games, fursuit events, and music events.[1]

Floof Con currently hosts three conventions yearly, A "furry Flurry" in January, Their main convention in August, and a small convention on Halloween.[2] Floof Con is free to attend and is run entirely by volunteers.[3] The founder and head of Floof Con is Haden Parker.

Floof Con 2020[edit]

The first event of 2020 took place on August 8th-9th, No Guest of Honor

Floof Con Halloween 2020[edit]

The second event of 2020 took place on October 31st, 2020,The Guest of Honor was Benji the Beagle

Floof Con Weekend Vacation 2020[edit]

The third event of 2020 took place on November 21st -23rd, The Guest of honor was the Poetry Ninja

Floof Con 2021[edit]

The fourth event of 2021 took place on June 18-21, 2021.[4] The Guest of Honor was Rusty Bourne[5].

Floof Con Halloween 2021[edit]

The fifth convention hosted by Floof Con took place on October 31 and had 84 attendees, 2021.[6] The Guest of Honor was Grovel the Husky[7].

Floof Con Furry Flurry 2022[edit]

The sixth convention was scheduled for January 8-9, 2022 and had 150 attendees.[8] The Guests of Honor were Artemis Road Runt and Steven Esso[9].

Floof Con Back to the Furassic 2022[edit]

The seventh convention was scheduled for August 5th-7th, 2022, and had 199 attendees.[10] The Guests of Honor were Pawsry and SpaceDergs.[11]

Floof Con Ocean Expedition 2023[edit]

The eighth convention was originally slated for April/May 2023.[12] It was subsequently canceled, citing issues with resources and con leadership.[13]


Floof Con's mascot is Taiga the deer.


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