Fletcher Apts

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Fletcher Apts.

Author(s) JTigerclaw
Launch date October 7, 2005

Fletcher Apts is a furry webcomic drawn and written by JTigerclaw. It began on October 7th, 2005, and updates on Mondays and Fridays. Though mostly of a comedy theme, it also has hints of drama, action, and romance.

Fletcher Apts is about the post-high-school life of three friends who share an apartment: Bob, Bill, and Doug. They have to learn how to play in a band, deal with women, and cope with new responsibilities simultaneously. Bob and Doug go to college, while Bill has decided to pursue his dream of making it big in the music industry with his rock band, 2 Extra Fingers (with bassist Brad and drummer Steve). This small-town notoriety has led to Bill being stalked by two girls, Becca and Zoe. Lori is the daughter of the apartment landlord, Mr. Fletcher, and she lives with her friend Kia.


  • Bob (born Robert Michael Sherman) is a male hamster, although people usually mistake him for other rodents. He is a very level headed, down-to-earth type of guy.
  • Doug (born Douglas Pavlov) is a male dog, part Russian Hound and part Golden Retriever. Although very intelligent, he has been socially awkward his whole life, described as the "scrawny nerd" type. He has a very weak stomach and is easily disgusted, and is prone to panic (and vomit) when he sees anything sexual (or anything female).
  • Bill (born William Kidd) is a male goat and is vocalist/guitarist in the band 2 Extra Fingers.

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