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Fleshy, also known as Fleshies, is a humorous or self-mocking term used by people in the animation industry as a jab to the term "furry" (person). Users are, know, or have friends in the furry fandom itself, and they do not have a problem with it, or its culture.

However, in certain circumstances, the term itself has been used as a derogatory term referring to humans; in a sense, this is the furry equivalent to the term "furfag".[1]

The term's use cannot be verified and/or confirmed on any animation production companies outside the continental US. The word is now an established term in the fandom.[2]

In furry fiction[edit]

Fleshy, also known as Fleshies, Skinny, Skinnies, Skinfags, Shavers, Smoothies, or Human Lovers, are furries and anthros who obsess about humans, to the point of trying to be one.[3] [4] [5]


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